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2023 Videos on YouTube Dena Weiner, Pairs Ice Skating, Ice Dancing, Acro Dance, Acro Yoga and Cabaret Theater Arts Ballroom Dancing Lifts and Tricks Videos

January to July 24th 2023

Nate Brower and I deciding if we were going to do something in 2023 together. Cabaret lifts and tricks training at the gym. But it didn’t work out. All good, he moved on and I moved on…

Valentines Day 2023 Ice Skating Style With Jessica Calalang at Great Park Ice Skating rink in Irvine, CA She was teaching me Pairs ice Skating.

My first day doing lifts and tricks with Timmy Chapman. Learning Pairs ice Skating lifts and tricks I did in ballroom dancing now on ice. Aliso Viejo Ic Palace in Aliso Viejo

Nate Brower and I fitness training, balance, strength, and working on our core.. Training to be able to work with other partners in our dance and other sports.

with Timmy Pairs ice Skating and Lucas  Shadid Ice Dancing At Aliso Viejo Ice palace March 5, 2023 for St. Patrick’s Day Theme

Dena and Sherry Goggin’s, March 5, 2023 in Michigan visiting Sherry – Winter sports PART 1 Modeling, shoot with a gun, snowmobiling, etc..  Rocky Mountain HIGH!!!

Dena and Sherry Goggin’s with her dogs playing in the snow in Michigan in the dead of winter in snow. March 7th 2023  PART 3

Winter Wonderland with Sherry Goggin’s Michigan ice skating on a pond, snowmobiling, shooting guns, playing n the snow, making friends with the dears. March 8th 2023 PART 4

St Patricks’ Day ice Dancing with Lucas Shadid and Pairs ice Skating with Timmy Chapman – Aliso Viejo Ice Skating Rink  March 15, 2023

Nate and I practicing acro yoga with ice skates on to do this on ice the following week for a Professional Photo shoot. March 28, 2023 at LA Fitness

April 2023 for Easter Nate and I doing Acro yoga on Ice in ice Skates, a bucket list for me in my 60’s.

Jessica, Karyn and I St Patrick Photo shoot at Great Park Five Points ice Skating rink March 2023.

Ice Skating Easter style Professional Photo shoot (Photos by ESPM Sports Photography by Scott Kurtz.) Timmy, Jessica, Amber and Nate at Aliso Viejo ice Palace

Hippy Hop Easter ice skating and ice dancing in Easter bunny costumes with my friend Karyn in the background . 4-2-2023 Aliso Viejo ice palace

Venetian Hotel Las Vegas visiting my professional cabaret ballroom dance coach Louis Barr. And my gymnastics coaches from the 1970’s Heck and Eliana. And visiting my childhood gymnastics Friend Trina Wiggins for her 62nd birthday May 25, 2023

June 1, 2023  Music American Woman, I was Ivan’s American Woman when we competed as professional cabaret theater arts ballroom dancers. Ivan offered to help Timmy and I learn some transactions to our lifts and tricks to do on ice in ice Skates. 

Professional 4th of July Ice Skating and ice Dancing photo shoot with photos taken by ESPN sports photographer Scott Kurtz with Timmy and Lucas and Karyn June 26, 2023

Ice Dancing with Lucas and I practicing for our 4th of July photo shoot later that month. Aliso Viejo Ice palace, June 2, 2023

God Bless America Flag Day 6-13-2023 with Timmy training Pairs ice Skating at Lake Forest ice Palace to American Girl song

Ice Dancing with Lucas and Pairs Ice Skating wit Timmy June 16, 2023 Aliso Viejo Ice palace 

4th of July me with Ellen Yoga on a paddle Board together Mission Viejo Lake June 28, 2023 

For my 61st Birthday I started training for my new bucket list of Horse Vaulting. At Bridges Equestrian Horse Stable in San Juan Capistrano . My new dance partner’s name is Orian (the horse) . Learning how to connect with him and  have rhythm with him.


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