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Welcome to “” and congratulations on taking the first steps to enjoying an incredible lifestyle filled with complete health and fitness!

Throughout my experience I’ve learned that you’re never too old ANDย it’s never too late to achieve the Ultimate Fit Life!

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Fitness Coach/Speaker/

From participating on the hit ABCย show Wife Swap, to professionally promoting fitness products, Monday Night Football, and lifestyle magazines.

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My Modeling Work!


A Lifetime of Experience

A lifetime of experience from product endorsement to fitness and lifestyle coaching.

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Product Endorsements

Personal Guest Appearances

Fitness Coach

Modeling & Acting

A Mother’s Tribute to
a Loving Son

Athlete โ€“ Played all sports High School Football, AAU Club basketball and High School Basketball, Club Baseball, Little league Baseball and High School baseball, Lacrosse and AYSO Soccer, skiing and snowboarding.

GATE โ€“ Gifted and talented in grade school, Jr. High and High School.


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