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Dena’s 60th Birthday Party Bash July 9, 2022 Part 2 – Video of my fitness, ballroom dance, gymnastics, ice skating , acro yoga friends – To help me celebrate my 60th birthday 2022
My 60th Birthday photo shoot bash. I didn’t take many photos by myself, mostly with my guy and girlfriends. This was form 8 different photographers capturing my 60th Birthday
Yoga on a Paddle Board Mission Viejo Lake July 31, 2022 with Ellen
With Nate doing 11 handstand pushups together and a handstand get up from the ground to extended hand to hand.  Watch Superman lift me August 2022
SUMMER 2022 Yoga on a Paddle Board all summer at 60 years old – On Mission Viejo Lake with the SOCALPaddleYoga Class and at Dana Point Harbor with Ivan

Rado, Ivan and Dena Paddle Boarding August 2022. Friends for life. Great exercise in the summer for upper body to stay in great shape in the hot sun.

Rado and I Paddle Boarding Dana Point Harbor, me doing some fitness and flips on a paddle Board Dana Point Harbor . Great way to stay in shape in the summer hot sun.

Andrew and I practicing acrobatics and cabaret lifts everywhere we can.

Victor and I Santa Monica Beach September 21, 2022 Acro Yoga acro dance flow new elements and tricks learned.

Riding on Harley’s Back while he goes up and back on the rings at Santa Monica Beach September 4, 2022

Dena with many different partners basing me and keeping me safe doing acro yoga, acrobatics, hand to hand, at Santa Monica Beach Pier.

Dena doing yoga on a Paddle Board on a lake. Exercise in the sun having fun with others September 2022. Gymnastics and flips.

with Nate acro yoga pops and whips at a Gymnastics Center October 2022 for fun whip to a Pop to whale position!

with Victor Acro Yoga on a Paddle Board October 2, 2022 doing flips, twists, pops, hand stands, etc.. on a paddle Board.

with Nate Acro Yoga on a paddle Board a week later after Victor. October 8, 2022 doing flips, twists, handstands, acro poses, etc…

with Jessica at Great Park ice Skating Rink, Rink 3 Halloween professional photo shoot ice skating style.

Acro and acrobatics at Santa Monica Green Santa Monica Pier with multiple guys, David, David, Nima, Kerry, Harley, Nick, Pete, Victor, Kerry Halloween October 30, 2022

Acro Yoga and acrobatics practice for Halloween the week before October 24, 2022 with the boys, different partners. 

Acro Yoga on a Paddle Board on a Lake with Victor October 1, 2022. I wanted to combine a water sport with a land sport and combine them together for a challenge of balance!

Sedona Arizona with Nate and Rado hiking and doing acro yoga and acrobatics along the hiking trains and among the red rocks November 24, 2022. A thanksgiving Blessing.

Me with my friends , Stephen, Rado and Jessica early Christmas professional photo shoot with some acro included.  (Jessica and Rado  had never done Acro before.)

Santa Monica Pier November 27, 2022 warm up for Christmas – Acro Yoga with Victor, Kyra Aerial with Becca and other bases at the Santa Monica Green.

Acro Yoga VIDEO with Victor for Christmas to honor my son Brett who died at Christmas. December 18, 2022

Acro Yoga Videos and Photos and slow motion action with Victor for Christmas to honor my Son Brett whom died at Christmas 11 years ago.  December 18, 2022

Ice Skating Christmas Style Individual tricks, spins and Flexibility moves on ice with Jessica Great Park Five Point Ice Skating rink in Irvine, December 16, 2022. Rink 3

Christmas Acro Yoga videos and photos with Victor December 18th 2022 Saddle Back Mountains in the back ground. Honor for my son whom died at Christmas 11 years prior.

Last Day of 2022 New Year’s Eve day – last day to practice Cabaret Dance Lifts with Nate 2022.

Nate and I being silly in Santa Costumes December 2022 for Christmas while practicing step up to hand to hand and turning around.

Christmas party where all my worlds come together, fitness, gymnastics, ballroom dance, ice skating, acro yoga, acrobatics, Real Estate, Mortgage Banking and family. Blessed for a wonderful 2022 year of great friends and family and good health.


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